April 19, 2021


DC/73 are an enthusiastic bunch of rock ‘n rollers, who enjoy any excuse to get out there and play some classic AC/DC tunes nice and loud!

DC/73 play songs from the Bon Scott era, paying tribute to one of the greatest showmen in rock ‘n roll history. We strive for an authentic sound to our performance and enjoy interacting with the crowd and getting them involved!

If you don’t class yourself as an AC/DC fan, you’ll be surprised by how many songs you actually know in our show. However, if you are a fan… you’ll love it!!

DC/73 are keeping the early music of this legendary rock band alive in and around Hertfordshire and play AC/DC as it’s meant to be played – LOUD!

*Special thanks to Crawford Blair for his great photography work! Get in touch for his contact details if you like his work!

DC/73 are a high energy AC/DC Tribute, playing early era AC/DC with a highly authentic sound.

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